Web-shop within sale of sex toys

The company is an e-commerce company providing their customers sex toys, lingerie, and intimate products. All products are offered in a variety of price categories.
The primary customer base is men and women residing in Denmark, but the company also has business activities in other countries.
Through the years the company has developed continuously, but for the right buyer the potential of developing the company further and increasing the turnover is good.

Referencenummer: SBS0153

Geografi: Uden betydning (flytbar)

Hovedbranche: Engroshandel og detailhandel

Underbranche: Detailhandel med andre varer i.a.n. via internet


Mægler: Lisbeth Edelmann Nyborg

Telefon: +45 26 75 69 10

E-mail: lisbeth.edelmann.nyborg@m-plus-a.com

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